The Series

The paintings were all inspired by young love. Love that is innocent, simple, and genuine. The moments we wish we were still part of. The times when we didn’t think about work, money, or relationships, only about what we want to ask from our parents, what food to eat, or whether or not to fake sleep on afternoons. It’s not to say that everyone experienced the same childhood as I have, but the series simply tries to explain the love, the great love that a child can give and one can receive, from my perspective.

30 x 20 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

Beach vacations are the best for the kids. Not because of the nature, nor of the water, but because of sandcastles. We don’t care how dark can our skin will turn just so we can build something of our own.

30 X 30 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

My subject here is one of my students when I was on a mission trip. Whenever he would see me, he’d get so excited. And whenever I’d ask for a picture, he would always do that ‘pogi’ pose. It’s the same story for any kid, but he’s the one that reminds me most of that usual pose, capturing the genuinity of kids’ smiles.
16 x 20 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

What kid doesn’t get excited over playgrounds? They give the best feeling of adventure. In this painting, I focused on the nostalgic feeling of excitement of swinging, running, and having fun in that magical place. 

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