New logo. New KPOP girl group. New era of Pepsi.
Pepsi fizzin' up summer with Thailand's biggest pop stars
Pepsi enters new era with the fizziest launch in Thailand
Pepsi's craveable food duel has celebs taking the streets
Where there's Pepsi, there's new.
Turning recipes into karaoke hits
The most iconic KPOP collectible, now in a Pepsi can.
Your next font could be your next read
Celebrating Pride safely, through the KFC drive-thru.
Magical worlds brought to life with GIF stickers
Bringing a local L.A. advocacy to future ballers around the world
Getting kids to hoop by pairing them with basketball legends
Turning Flubber into bulletproof, life-saving gear.
Making every citizen a VIP around the city to promote returning to the office
Flavors that take you away.
SK-II enters its neon era with a bold new look
Finger-combed smooth hair even on rough days.
The iconic tagline gets a work-from-home twist
Harnessing the power of fans to launch new cans
Recruiting creatives using the country’s best storytellers— Filipino barbers
The iconic Chickenjoy is now spicy, inside and out
Boring Google Forms turned into exciting escape rooms.
Surreal worlds born from badly-done logos.
A Filipino Christmas classic gets a 2020 remix
Pepsi gives life to everyday meals, literally.
Bringing the Smell that Never Dies online
SPAM recipes turned into diva hits
Don't let headaches ruin your spotlight
Thumb-braking social content
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